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Jars Capital provides a platform of capital, sales, engineering, and back office resources to build and scale companies sustainably.

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My company Kevel did not fit the traditional VC model. They immediately understood our business model even though we didn’t follow the traditional growth trajectory. It’s rare you find investment firms with such sophisticated operating experience.

James Avery

Founder & CEO, Kevel

Jars Capital is a founder's dream. They enable me to focus on what I do best. I can build and sell Entri while Jars Capital handles the rest.

Abe Storey

Founder & CEO, Entri

Few capital sources support scaling sustainably

Other investment firms encourage you to scale up without any support. It's billion-dollar outcomes or bust.

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Growth at all costs

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You're forced to push faster than healthy for the business

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You're diluted at every stage

Distraction from the customer

Fundraising and hypergrowth targets distract from what really matters.

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Your built-in founding team

We focus on capital efficiency to reach product-market fit.

We then enable scale by providing technical, sales, and back office (legal, HR) teams to support you.

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Ramsey Chapin

Founding Partner

Ramsey is a founding partner of JARS Capital. He started his career as an investor first at True Ventures.

There, he worked with companies at the earliest stages, including Fitbit, Ring, Peloton, Blue Bottle Coffee, Duo Security, Evident.io, Tray.io, and others. In addition to investing, Ramsey operates and incubates SaaS businesses within JARS Capital.

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Steve Bucklin

Founding Partner

Steve is a founding partner of JARS Capital. He is a seasoned operator, who first cut his teeth at Identex in the late 90s selling biometrics equipment to correctional facilities around the world.

He was then recruited into Lifeminders.com during the halcyon days of the dot com boom as an early employee, where he managed its most profitable product lines through its IPO. He has since spent over 10 years in the multifamily real estate industry, running special projects for JARS Management.

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Abe Storey


Prior to JARS Capital, Abe founded Rhombus, Inc., one of JARS Capital’s first investments. Rhombus was acquired by Kargo Global, Inc. in August 2020.

Abe’s expertise lies in product and go to market strategy. He enjoys helping portfolio companies think critically about product development.

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Let’s build and scale businesses the right way.

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